Secrets in a D/s Relationship LB131

When we put out the call for topic suggestions a few weeks ago, Chloe Dare asked us to talk about whether you can have secrets in a D/s relationship. It’s a good question, and, as with all things, there’s no single answer that will work for everyone or every situation or secret.

In this episode:

  • Thanks to ChloeDare for the topic suggestion
  • Define what you mean by “secret”
  • Look at the intent — is the secret to deceive or to create boundaries
  • Trust and comfort matters a lot in sharing private, uncomfortable, and other information
  • Be careful of the secrets you keep. Not sharing certain information with a partner could lead to problems in a scene or in your relationship.

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5 Secrets You Might Have in a D/s Relationship (blog post)

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2 Responses

  1. Clara says:

    I loved this episode! I always say it, but damn. Thank you for the episode

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