Is it the Accent or the Person?

The latest Kink of the Week topic is all about voices, accents, and languages. The prompt asks whether they’re a kink of yours — why or why not.

For me, accents can be sexy. I’m partial to a British, Scottish, or Irish accent, but they’re not a kink of mine.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been affected by them, either.

Before I met John Brownstone, I was in another D/s relationship. He had a leftover Brooklyn accent from a childhood spent in New York. His voice was deep and sexy, especially when he turned on the Dom Voice™ and (consensually) used it against me.

He could send shivers up my spine and warmth straight to my cunt.

One night I confessed that I enjoyed certain accents. He confessed that he’d wanted to be an actor as a kid and had practiced accents until he got good at them. I giggled and demanded that he prove it. (I was a total babygirl before I knew I was a babygirl.)

He spent the next 20 minutes telling me how and where to touch myself in a thick Irish accent. I almost forgot he was anything but some rogue from an old bodice-ripping romance novel.  As long as he spoke in that voice, I think I would have done or said anything — and not just because he was the Dom to my sub.

Was it a form of role play? I tell myself no, because I really don’t enjoy role play. And he never pretended to be someone else. Although he definitely fit right into my fantasies of what sexy sounded like.

Was I turned on by the accent, him, or a bit of both? I vote for both. No one else could have said those things and commanded my attention and response but him. That he did it in an accent I enjoyed made it that much hotter.

I don’t hear accents and get immediately wet. But when I hear one I like, I look to see if they appeal to me on a superficial level. If there’s such a thing as “points,” adding an accent to an appealing physical presence (what appeals to me might not appeal to you), becomes a bit of a bonus.

Are accents a kink or fetish in general? Of course they are because everything is a kink or fetish for someone.

Would I mind if a sexy accent (consensually) whispered dirty, kinky fuckery in my ear? Nope, not at all. But the person behind the accent will always matter more.

Indulge my curiosity…are there any voices, accents, or languages that turn you on? Share in the comments or talk to us on Twitter!

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  1. Her Painted Man says:

    My submissive is a kiwi lass. I must confess, I adore the sound of her voice. She could read me a cook book and I would be a happy man. But I absolutely agree with you. It isn’t her accent, alone. The way she speaks is only a tiny facet of the entirety of her. An adorable tiny facet, to be sure, but only a wee bit of who and what she is. Maybe more lime the perfect ribbon on a gift than a kink…

  2. May More says:

    My man has a Scottish accent but has a knack for doing any accent really, bit like your ex. We have a laugh and a joke with the different accents but if he tries one when we having sex session I freeze – tell him to stop – cant bear if he sounds like someone different. Funny really 😉

    • Kayla Lords says:

      Certain “accents” do that to me, too, when JB tries them. For me, though, they’re usually the ones he does when he’s trying to be silly. The man turns me on, the silly voice does not, lol.

  3. Molly says:

    Now that sounds like it was a very fun time indeed.

    I don’t think these things are a kink for me too but I do think that they are something that influences how attractive I find another person


  4. Jo says:

    I love the idea of accent-as-bonus. I feel the same way: Someone can have an amazing voice or accent, but if they’re a twat, I’m not going to be into them. If I’m already into someone AND they happen to have a sexy accent on top of it, it’s like the icing on the cake!

  5. My first Dom and I were long distance partnership; that was sparked by something as superficial as me (semi-jokingly) being bashful about his race, and fueled by a deep baritone voice for which I would have done anything.

    He wanted to go to school for voice acting, being in California, and frequently practiced voices just like your previous Dom. His Dom Voice was so perfect-ive (perfect and effective!) that even through a text I would MELT. But for me, it was more than just the Dom Voice. He would send me audio clips of school assignments or just random things he would practice and they would strike me to my core.

    All in all, I can agree that for me it’s the voice AND the person, but I think I’m more susceptible to voice as the kink since it was what kick-started my whole first BDSM relationship.

    • Kayla Lords says:

      That kind of connection to an accent would definitely make it more of a thing for me, too, I think. You’ve got such a positive connection with it that it makes sense to me. But yes, the person definitely makes a difference. 🙂

  6. Bee says:

    Some accents do make me listen up sometimes but in general they don’t do much for me, it’s probably more about the tone used.

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