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Why Difficult Conversations are Good for Your D/s Relationship LB129

A conversation with someone else made us think about an old topic in a new way. Difficult conversations aren’t new — in relationships or on the podcast. But this week, we’ll explore it from a slightly different angle. Plus, the important stuff sometimes needs to be repeated a few times. This is one of those kinds of topics.

In this episode:

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  • Knowing you need to communicate and making yourself do it are two different things.
  • These difficult conversations will worry you for different reasons, but they still need to be had.
  • Sometimes you’re worried about your partner’s reaction because of your fears and bad tapes.
  • Your partner isn’t a mind reader.
  • Nothing gets better if you never say anything.
  • It’s all part of the journey and you’ll learn something from it, no matter what the outcome of the conversation might be.

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Why You Need to Say the Thing You’re Dreading (blog post)

Difficult Conversations in D/s Relationships (episode 71)

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  1. To me a lot of times I can actually get everything I need to say when I write it out. I am one that ends up starting to say what I need to say and then my mind goes everywhere and I end up losing the point or going off kilter once I begin talking and the conversation leads me away from my point. By writing it out I am able to make sure I say all I need to say and get across.
    Some people don’t agree and believe that it is better to talk face to face about things, and I get that; but if I do, and don’t have points written down or write out things I need to cover, I totally lose it in my thoughts and points I need to make.
    Does that make sense?
    LOVE your podcast, as always!!
    (Thinking about you Kayla!! ((hugs)) )
    One of your loyal crickets 😉 xx

    • Kayla Lords

      May 14, 2018 at 7:22 pm

      It makes total sense, and we (belatedly) remembered to mention that late in the episode. It’s something we recommend for anyone who finds verbal communication difficult.

  2. I love episodes like these because you give advice that applies to everyone and I think that’s really great. I personally hate having difficult conversations but I do like getting things off my chest. Thanks for the episode!

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