When Communication Isn’t Enough LB124

In episode 124, we take on the tricky topic of what to do when you’ve communicated and communicated and communicated…and it changes nothing in your D/s relationship.

In this episode:

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  • We received a question on Twitter about what to do when you’ve talked as much as you can. You’ve said everything and had the conversations.
  • You’re being ignored.
  • Promised changes aren’t happening.
  • What do you do?
  • You make difficult decisions. And there’s no one right answer.
  • Maybe it’s that the D/s dynamic isn’t right with this partner. Or maybe the specific D/s dynamic you’re pursuing isn’t the right one.
  • Maybe they don’t need to be your partner anymore — a harsh reality that has to be faced by some people at some point.

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3 Responses

  1. jennyh14 says:

    i have not yet listened to this episode. quite frankly i’m not sure i can right now. i’m living this. he had been lacking in enthusiasm for his dominance more and more over the last 4 months or so. and last week i was told i was needy and demanding. so i just ended it. and it still hurts. this was the first long term dom/sub relationship for both of us, and i believe that what happened was that, as the new relationship energy wore off, he realized that being a dom was more work than he realized or wanted.

    and so i move on.

    • Liranah says:

      /hug…this is such a hard place to be. I applaud you for leaving, life is just too short to spend it doing things that make you unhappy. I like to call that the “Lazy Dom Syndrome”…I know with mine, he can get used to me doing everything for him (as he should), but then he forgets that he has a role to fill as well. The D/s dynamic is such a two-way street and if you find yourself the only one giving and that other person just won’t hold up their end of the deal…walking away is the healthiest option (to me).

  2. Clara says:

    Thanks for the episode!

    This was a pretty deep episode and, unfortunately, I have some experience with the topic. It’s kinda weird to listen to people talk about a tricky topic, but it’s also refreshing

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