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A Conversation with Amy of Coffee and Kink LB123

While in London at Eroticon, we took advantage of the fact that we were on the same continent with Amy of Coffee and Kink to sit down for a chat with her. If we could have, we would have happily had conversations with several other people in London, as well, but for our first, we’re so glad to introduce you to Amy.

Small content warning: Mentions of abuse in BDSM (nothing too heavy, but take care of yourself, as always)

In this episode:

  • We’re recording with a cup of coffee, as we should be!
  • Amy discusses her relationships and kinks.
  • She’s a writer, too!
  • Read her work! Follow her! Amy is awesome!!

Links from the show:

Amy of Coffee and Kink – website

Follow Amy on Twitter

Read: Abuse, D/s, and the Art of Knowing the Difference by Amy of Coffee and Kink

Read: [Guest Post] Forget Perfection, Bring Me the Glory – Life as a Disabled Kinkster by Pippin Strange

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1 Comment

  1. Yayy a collab!

    I love Amy’s work so much and I’m such a fan!

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