Porn Review: Andre Shakti and Domino Embers Enjoy a Sweet Hardcore Scene

Image via CrashPadSeries and used with their permission.

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The first moments of porn always feel a little awkward to me. I’m still in my head and not quite in the moment. I kind of think that’s how this episode began, and we (the audience and Domino Embers – there for his first porn shoot) were taken on a tour of the facilities. By the time they got back to the bedroom, I think we were all more relaxed.

Why does that even matter? Because it continues to prove the point that CrashPadSeries is different. Their porn is some of the most inclusive and realistic porn I’ve ever watched.

Not all porn is for everyone, so we don’t watch everything they produce, but when I get an email saying there’s floggers, clamps, and “a very sweet hardcore scene,” I’m there.

Episode 258: Andre Shakti and Domino Embers

What you can expect to see: femme on femme, cis & trans/nonbinary, blindfolds, clamps and taser on the labia, floggers, and a very sweet hardcore scene. Toys: Magic Wand Vibrator, SwitchLeatherCo cuffs, and more!

I think what drew me to this episode (besides the promise of some kinky fun) was that Andre and Domino are real life partners. This was Domino’s first porn shoot, so I could imagine how nervous he might have been. But Andre spent all her time making sure he felt good.

It began with genital slapping which always gets my attention – impact play, some pain (although stinging isn’t my personal favorite), and the inherent power. But it was more than that.

With each new position, toy, or movement, Andre would say, “Please” or “Do you mind” or “Will you move here” and it was sweet and kind. John Brownstone and I might be more into commands and orders during our kinky fuckery but watching how effortless and sweet consent can be is wonderful to watch.

While Domino had his labia clamped, I cringed but I was also noticeably wet. When Andre flogged the clamps, John Brownstone made several appreciative noises. But what I noticed more was that when Domino said he couldn’t handle the clamp in one spot, Andre didn’t hesitate to remove it and keep going.

It’s always fascinating to me that I get turned on by witnessing kinky pain that I myself don’t want to try. Clamps on my clit? No thank you, but I’ll watch Domino enjoy it. A taser to the labia? Mmmm, no, but it’s fun watching someone else enjoy it.

In the end, of course, there’s sex, but (spoiler!) it’s not the sex we most associate with porn, and it’s another reason why CrashPadSeries is so damn refreshing to me. And hearing real squelching noises from a very turned on body is waaaaaay better than watching someone use spit as lube.

About CrashPadSeries

From the website: “Based on the Feminist Porn Award’s “Hottest Dyke Sex Scene” and queer sex cult classic The Crash continues the story of a secret apartment in San Francisco dedicated to hot, queer sex. Thanks to the voyeuristic supervision of the Keymaster — played by director Shine Louise Houston — the lube never runs out, the sheets are always clean (no matter how much you soaked them the night before), and your wildest fantasies can come true. The only rule? You need a Key to get in, and once you’ve used it seven times, you have to pass it on.”

CrashPadSeries features queer, trans, and extremely inclusive porn. It’s not an exclusively BDSM porn website but with more than 250 episodes to view, there’s SO much to choose from. And, if you’d like something a little more vanilla, they have that too.

Queer Porn for “Vanilla” Lovers: Soft, Sweet, and Sensual

Joining/Watching Crash Pad Series

Every few weeks, we’re offered the chance to watch a new episode, and I don’t always say yes. Why? Because I want to watch porn that appeals to me and not all of it does. That’s just how porn is. But when I do, I’m never disappointed.

Should you join and watch Crash Pad Series? If you want ethical, diverse, interesting, and good porn, yes.

Yes, you have to pay for your porn. That’s the right thing to do. Porn isn’t actually meant to be free, y’all. The best deal is a yearly membership. You have to pay up front but it works out to $9.99 per month (as of the date of publication). You can pay a month at a time (currently $25 per month) or buy a three-month membership.

Is it worth the price? I think so.

If you’re not used to seeing anything other than white, male Doms in three piece suits and white, female subs who beg to be covered in come, get ready. This is a whole new world of porn to explore. What someone looks like on the screen doesn’t matter as much as how they make you feel.  How their experience with sex and kink speaks to you. What it does to your body and your mind. To be honest it is very refreshing to see people who look like you or people you know fucking their brains out.

Check out episode 258 here



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