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Humiliation as a Kink LB121

Humiliation as a kink isn’t something everybody wants or likes. Even people who aren’t into it, though, sometimes wish they understood it. In loving D/s relationships, how you someone let themselves be treated so harshly? “Because it gets us off” is (usually) the answer. We enjoy humiliation play and consider it one of our kinks, and we’re happy to share our enjoyment of it with you in this episode.

In this episode:

  • We’ve got new Loving BDSM merchandise available for purchase!
  • Our first contributor-written piece goes live on Monday, March 5!
  • We’re serious about wanting to hire a virtual assistant, and we’ve talked to a couple of people. If you’re interested, let us know.
  • A reminder that we’ll be on hiatus for two weeks in March (March 16 and March 23)
  • Humiliation play isn’t for everyone. We love it.
  • It exists on a wide spectrum.
  • Humiliation is a form of edge play and shouldn’t be done lightly.
  • Our favorite forms are face-slapping and name-calling.
  • We must be in the right mental space to play.
  • Be careful when playing with humiliation due to known and unknown triggers.
  • Consent and communication are absolutely critical.

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  1. Thanks for the episode!
    For once I know a bit about the topic, so it was nice hearing people talk about something I’m familiar. I still learned, though, so thank you!!

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