On Meeting New People and Finding Your “Tribe” LB119

This week, on a suggestion from a listener, we’re talking about how to figure out who your kink community might be. Instead of vetting potential kinksters to play with or be in a relationship with, this is more about figuring out your kinky “tribe” of friends. We discuss taking stock of people and figuring out who you want to spend your time with…and who you don’t.

In this episode:

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  • Thanks to Soy Bean aka @Sir_Soy on Twitter for this week’s topic.
  • Most people worry about finding the right partner – which is a big thing to think about – but knowing you’re in a group that’s right and healthy for you is just as important.
  • With so much drama in any group of people, including the kink community, it’s good to have some kind of internal compass to use.
  • Too often we think there must be something wrong with US if we don’t like someone everyone else seems to adore.
  • Better to find your own people rather than feel stuck in a group that’s not good for you.

Links from the show:

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1 Response

  1. Clara says:

    Thanks for the episode!
    Gosh all of your topics are so relevant!
    Finding a group that I’m comfortable was a pretty big challenge for me because I’m so asocial and introverted, so it’s great that you’re talking about it’s importance!

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