For the Love of Boots

The current Kink of the Week is all about boots. While I (Kayla) own and love them, my feelings are nothing compared to John Brownstone’s. So I asked if he’d share his love and fetish for boots with y’all. If you relate, feel free to comment below! 

I suppose it’s no big secret, but I love boots. Even before I even knew what a fetish was I loved seeing someone wearing them.

Living in the Deep South, I don’t get to seem them most of the year. Only on the really cold days. Most people look forward to beach weather, putting on their bathing suit, and heading to the beach. Not me.

I’m waiting for the cooler weather to hit so the boots will come out.

From an Early Age

I’m not sure what it even is about them. All I know is that when I see a woman wearing a pair, I melt and my blood pumps. Many people love a good set of heels (which are nice in their own right), but to me, they don’t hold a candle to boots.

As a kid, I remember watching Nancy Sinatra on TV. She and her boots mesmerized me. Between the song and being completely aware of what she was wearing, I was sucked right in.

I Love to Wear Them, Too

I own several pairs myself, so it’s not just a voyeuristic thing. I have a pair of riding boots for when I’m out on the motorcycle. Then there are my dress boots.

Wearing a pair gives me a feeling of power. They’re strong, and they grip my feet, tight and firm. I love walking into a room in a pair of boots, the heavy sound as the soles make contact with the floor. The solid pace of my gait.

As a motorcycle rider, I wear them for safety first. But I always watch other riders to check out what they’re wearing. Even motorcycle boots have a certain sexiness about them. When Kayla rides with me, she wears riding boots that come up over her calf, black leather that zips up the side. The open road, the rumble of the cycle’s motor, and rolling down the road on two wheels and those boots.

At the Club

At the club, there is always a mix of boots and heels. I love all the styles and looks that walk through the door. From simple slip-on to zipper style, lace-up, high-heeled, and even some studded boots. Being at the club on fetish night is like being a kid in a candy shop for me.

I watch, but I don’t creep. I admire but keep it to myself. Well, except when Kayla leans in and says, “I see them, too. Nice.”

I can’t pinpoint one specific reason why I like them so much. Maybe it’s the leather. The feel of it, soft and smooth. That fresh unmistakable smell.

Or is it the sound a pair makes across the ground, that solid sound of well-placed footsteps. Maybe it’s all of that and more that make them so attractive to me.

When Kayla and I go shopping and get to a shoe store, I make a beeline to the boot section. I want to see if I can find something for her, and on several occasions, we’ve come out with something sexy and hot.

Yeah, there’s something about boots, both wearing them and seeing them on someone else, gets my motor revved.

“Are you ready…?”
“Start walking!

Do you have a boot fetish? Or any other article of clothing that gets you hot? Feel free to share!

12 Responses

  1. May More says:

    I love that video too – the dancing is so cool – me and my man often watch it 😉

  2. Indie says:

    Thanks John Brownstone, that was a fun read and I loved seeing this clip after all these years. Ahh! the days og go-go dancing!!!!

  3. O Southern Sir! you had me at boots! I love them, summer in the UK isnt that hot, but it puts a crimp in my boot wearing! That song by Nancy was ‘my jam’ when I was just a little girl! I wonder if the implied empowerment inspired my fetish!

  4. Mrs Fever says:

    I definitely have a ‘thing’ for boots. I own several pair; they are my favorite type of footwear.

    Boots on other people are attractive to me only inasmuch as the confidence of the person wearing them is a good ‘fit’. A casual, comfortable-in-their-skin air of confidence and a steady stride? That’s sexy to me. Wobbly, hobble-step walking in inappropriately heeled boots? Clunk-stepping because they are shuffling in boots too heavy for their feet? Not so much. 😉

  5. Molly says:

    One of the joys of visiting the USA is a trip to DSW. My fav pair of brown boots comes from there. Sadly I have worn them so much they need new soles but I am hoping that won’t cost too much and I can return to wearing them ALL the time.


  6. Bee says:

    Oh I’m ready…

    I love boots too, I live in mine and I’m lucky that we don’t really get summer over here so I get to wear them year round!

  1. August 15, 2018

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