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Expectations in D/s Relationships LB117

Twitter makes us think (yes, you read that right) and this week, it made us think about the expectations we have in new and existing D/s relationships.

In this episode:

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  • Some expectations are good.
  • Some are negative.
  • The only way to not have expectations is to learn not to have them. It’s normal to expect certain things.
  • You can get your hopes up and then be disappointed.
  • Some expectations can lead to irrational anger at the other person because they weren’t who or what you decided they should be.
  • Trying to live up to someone else’s expectations can lead to problems.

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What You Should Expect from D/s Relationships

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  1. Another episode with relevant information for everyone! Expectations are in every relationship and we all have to deal with them. Loved the episode and the advice!

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