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Don’t Yuck On My Yum LB116

Non-kinksters aren’t the only people who sometimes judge those of us who are kinky or into BDSM. We do it to each other, sometimes without realizing it, and sometimes out of ignorance of what a kink really is. This week, let’s talk about how that hurts us all and how easy it is to do better.

In this episode:

  • Contributor guidelines are now up on the website!
  • Most kinksters expect judgement from non-kinksters
  • Unforunately, it happens within our own community
  • Sometimes it’s from a lack of understanding
  • Sometimes it’s from dislike of the kink
  • Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re doing it
  • It’s a better community when we treat people the way we want to be treated, including not yucking on anyone else’s yum. Even inadvertently.

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  1. This is why the sayings “your kink is not my kink and that’s okay” and “you kink is okay, my kink is okay” are used a lot. We all have things we like that others don’t, and things we don’t like that others do. I have Little friends and we don’t all like the same foods. I always try to say something positive when they talk about the foods they like regardless if I like them or not. I always feel a little bad when I talk about something I like and one of them says “eww” or “yuck.” I know they are expressing their preference, they don’t have to like what I like, but I feel a little sad/bad that they are putting down something I like. I try to do the same with kinky stuff, every if I find it out of my interest or comfort zone I’m glad when others find things that make them happy, that they enjoy. Great topic!

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