Consent is as important as it comes in BDSM and kink. We’ve talked about it before. But with the wider conversation in society right now, we thought it was important to discuss from a slightly different angle. We don’t want to take away from the overall conversation but simply look at one, small corner of the concept of consent – as a way to help talk about it with others, raise a better generation, and stress the importance of consent in every aspect of life.

In this episode:

Content warning: We refer to sexual assault, harassment, violence, the Me Too movement and others. We don’t describe any of it, but sometimes it can be overwhelming even to think about it when it’s everywhere online and in the news right now. If you need a break from it, we understand. Skip this one if you need to.

  • Consent in sex is something we, as kinky people, talk about a lot. For good reason.
  • We discussed enthusiastic and informed consent in episode 30 – link in the show notes.
  • But consent is everywhere and in everything we do. We just don’t talk about it that way.
  • The more we, kinksters, people talk about the importance of affirmative consent – and also what it looks like – we can, slowly, inch by inch change the future.
  • But we also have a future generation to raise too if we want to make a better world.

Links from the show:

Non-Sexual Moments of Consent

Consent is More Than a Yes or No (episode 30)

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