Shifts and Changes in Kinks and Desires LB114

We’re ba-aaaack! Did you miss us? We missed you! Episode 114 is technically two small episodes in one – the first half is about how our kinks, desires, and even identities can shift and change over time…and that’s normal! The second half focuses on the survey results and our plans for Loving BDSM in 2018 and beyond!

If you’re only here for the kinky education, the first 45 minutes or so is for you. If you’re willing to stick with us until the bitter end, we didn’t do a bonus section because this week’s episode was long enough!

In this episode:

  • Your limits, desires, and even identity can shift and change over time.
  • You might find desires you didn’t know or think you had
  • This doesn’t mean you’re not whatever you were before. Consider this an added layer or an expanded horizon.
  • It may happen as you learn and experience more as a kinkster or it may happen with a different partner.

Survey results and the changes we’re making:

  • Potential second episode each week – very short, 10-15 minutes at most which will focus on a brief discussion of kinks and fetishes plus short episodes where we answer your questions
  • People want topics we don’t feel qualified or even correct in discussing but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be discussed. We’re creating a written contributor program for people to share their stories. It will be paid but not much and until we have more resources, only one per month.
  • We’re looking at recording an interview once a month but it won’t really be an interview, more of a conversation. As if we’re all sitting around a table drinking coffee and chatting.
  • We will add a couple and poly family paid membership level. It’s going to be REALLY rudimentary at first. One person signs up at that level, the other person or people sign up as free, and then I manually adjust your access.
  • Right now we’re working on adding a chat function to the website so people can talk more freely with each other. The least expensive option that works the best is the most time-consuming option.
  • Membership drive will happen after we make a few changes.

Links from the show:

Survey Results and Plans for 2018 (blog post)

Anal Sex Basics and Beyond (blog post)

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