Survey Results and Plans for 2018

In what was definitely a spur-of-the-moment decision, we put out a survey at the end of 2017 to help us figure out what to do for 2018. We wanted to know if our ideas were on the right track and if there were things we’ve been missing.

It’s one thing to run your own blog because you’ve got a thing to say. It’s quite another to attempt to build a resource that people want to and can use for their own self-education. While neither of us would consider a survey for our personal websites, it made sense in this space.

And we really did look through all of your answers and use them to help come up with plans for 2018.

If you’d like to see all the results (minus individual responses), click here: 2018 Loving BDSM Website and Community Survey Results

Because surveys only paint a single picture – in this case, our website users and podcast audience – it’s not definitive. But we think it’s interesting and useful information. If you thought you were the “only one” with a specific opinion, you’re probably not.

Check out some of what we found fascinating in the results…

Not everyone is a newbie

types of kinksters on Loving BDSM

We expected to find more newer kinksters in our survey results and almost no experienced kinksters. Kind of cool to see we have a mix!

All the content

What kind of content would people like to see more of? A lot of what we already do plus a few things we don’t. Don’t worry – we’ve got a plan!

the type of content people want on Loving BDSM

We received specific requests in the comments section of the survey results. We’ve kept those private so no one has to worry about staying anonymous. While we’re not qualified to address some topics, we are committed to finding people who can talk about things people want to know about.

More podcast episodes

Not everyone wants more podcast episodes and from the comments, it seems that you’re more worried about our well-being than content overload. For which we love you!

listeners want more episodes of Loving BDSM

We had a few ideas on what those podcast episodes could be about, and apparently, we’ve hit on something…

topics to cover in a second Loving BDSM weekly podcast

If, and right now it’s still a big “if,” we create a second episode each week, it will be a short one (except for possible interview episodes). It will likely be a companion to text and/or video content instead of a full episode like our Friday shows are. Ideally, it could be a resource for people who are looking for specific answers but prefer audio content.

We don’t have a timeline on the upcoming changes we have planned but we will discuss them in more detail in the next episode (Episode 114). Before we can jump into anything, we have to make sure we can make it happen, but we heard what you asked for and it fits with who and what we want Loving BDSM to be. More details coming soon!

3 Responses

  1. Pixie says:

    I hear by offer to write about bdsm, Kinky ,D/s and mental health!!!! *jumps up and down waving and shouting* (sorry caffeine fuelled pixie pops, who is passionate about mental health!)

    I am loving the thought of the #masrurbationmonday podcast very much! Hahaha the boss man said he gets a night off bedtime storries! Only to be told he is listening and being attacked if we need to !

    But yes most of all look after yourself please, we need are fearless leaders!!!

    Off to tickle the babies!

    Pixie pops!

    • Kayla Lords says:

      My hope/plan is to have the contributor information up on the website by the time the next podcast episode goes live. If not by then, then the following week. ­čÖé

  1. January 18, 2018

    […] Survey Results and Plans for 2018 […]

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