D/s Isn’t About Sex, It’s About Power LB110

This week we’re back with an episode that might sound like it’s just for new kinksters but it’s a reminder for everyone. Sex might be a part of your D/s relationship, but that’s not actually what it’s about. It’s about an exchange of power. Sex is just one of the many potential details you negotiate with a consenting partner.

In this episode:

  • D/s does not equal sex.
  • D/s doesn’t have to involve sex or it can.
  • If all you want is rough, kinky sex, that’s cool. But be clear about what you want – or at least spend some time thinking about it.
  • D/s isn’t even about romantic love, although it can be.
  • It’s a power exchange relationship. Someone is in control, and someone gives up control. You decide the details of what that means to you.

Links from the show:

What Style of D/s Relationship Do You Want? (blog post)

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