How to Take a Bare Handed Spanking to a New Level

When I saw that the current Kink of the Week is about hand spanking, I got excited because spanking is right up my alley. My first experience giving a spanking was bare handed spanking and since then it has been my go-to for kinky fuckery fun.

I could go into why I like spanking so much and what it does to me or even the different types of spankings. I could probably even come up with a hot little tale of a time I spanked Kayla or possibly even some spanking fiction. Instead let’s talk about how to change a bare handed spanking to make it new and exciting every time.

You might think I’m talking about different ways of using your hand for spanking. It’s not really that difficult. You connect your hand with someone’s ass and that’s a spanking. And it is definitely that simple, and yet it isn’t. With a few tricks, you can change up the delivery and each way makes each spanking a little different.

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The Power Behind Each Strike

First let’s talk about the power behind your hand. You can strike softly with slow soft spanks which can be fun and light. You can go all in and really put some power behind your strike. With enough power, you can turn tender skin into a beautiful shade of red that glows with color and heat. There is something satisfying about seeing a perfect handprint of your hand outlined on their ass.

Of course, you can do something in between, too. During the spanking you vary your strikes from soft to hard which keeps your partner on edge, not knowing what to expect. Changing up the force of the impact is so much fun. They expect a soft blow and jump with the force of a stinging blow. Or they tense up, expecting a spank that will jar their senses and a soft blow lands instead. They’ll be on their toes the whole time.

The Way You Use Your Hand

Now what about the hand itself? There are ways to change that up to give different sensations as well.

Flat handed spanking: The most common type of hand spanking occurs when your hand is open and flat as it connects with the ass being spanked. That causes a nice thud and sting both at the same time. O course with a flat handed spanking you can change up the power behind it but there are other things you can do that will make a different impact (no pun intended) as well.

First when you connect with their bottom, leave your hand in place and press down into the flesh at the moment of impact. This will drive the force of the impact right through their body making them feel the full power of your strike. Second, right as you make contact with your hand, pull it way. This will do the opposite of the first giving the person being spanked a very sharp stingy feel without the intense thud. It is short, sweet, and oh so noticeable.

Cupped hand: Cupping your hand makes such a noticeable difference. I know it does when I do it to Kayla. It can just about make her jump out of her skin. Not only does it leave quite the, umm, impression on her but even the sound is louder. The difference in sound makes both a mental and physical alteration in how your partner reacts.

Swipe spank: Talk about maximum sting, oh boy will this do the trick. The best way to think about this is to approach it like a slap. There are two ways you use this technique: from the top down in a swiping motion or from the bottom up, swiping upwards. Both ways work very well but my preference is from the bottom up as you catch that soft part of the ass and it really imparts what you are trying to convey during a serious spanking.

More Than the Glutes

During a bare handed spanking don’t leave out any parts of the ass. Most people concentrate on the very center of the glutes. It’s a good spot to go for because it’s so fleshy but you have other options. Don’t ignore is where the ass meets the leg. There’s a crease in the flesh that’s wonderful if you like to give a good solid stinging sensation. Don’t forget the inner thighs either. That’s another good spot to land a few good spanks.

Vary the speed, force, location, and the way you hold your hand, and every bare handed spanking will be something different for you and your partner. Always watch their reaction and check in to make sure they’re enjoying themselves. Stop and soothe your partner’s bottom as often as you’d like. Dipping a hand between their legs is a nice way to take some of the sting out of the moment. Like every other part of kink, you can get creative and make the experience something new each time.

7 Responses

  1. May More says:

    Very interesting. When I am being spanked I love it when he changes the style – makes me anticipate what is coming next. I think I need more soothing, must remember to discuss that with him 😉

  2. Pixie says:

    Bravo Mr brownstone! really well written and I love your idea on switching things up! it left me wanting , needing and begging for a spanking! The Boss Man saw this and growled ‘as soon as your over having those babies, your getting that sweetie!’ So , YAY! (I owe sir much coffee)

    Pixie x

  3. ilphotgjim says:

    Thank you for the insight and suggestions. My sub enjoys being spanked (by hand or other implement) and you’ve given great advice on how to vary the spankings when using my hand. I love the connection and feel of my hand on her ass when spanking, and I look forward to trying these ideas as a way to further than connection with her.

  4. Molly says:

    This is a really great guide to spanking. I totally know the difference between the flat and cupped had from the receiving end point of view


  5. Bee says:

    This guide is great, I would say I’d hide it so he doesn’t get ideas but he seems to have those all but himself anyway 😉

  6. This is a very interesting post. So far most of the posts I read for KOTW have been in the spankee’s point of view. I like it.

  7. Siobahn Quinn says:

    Good suggestions and thanks! I love spanking and other kinky things. These suggestions also got us talking about what we liked. We are somewhat new to spanking, so discussing it was really helpful too. I used to get excited by what he did before but the dipping his finger into my pussy really kept me right on the edge. I also spanked him for the first time! Wow, was he was surprised that I could make him squirm. Very arousing for me. But it was your dipping suggestion which I did to his bum that along with hard spanks at the same time made him explode over my knee in less than 5 minutes. AMAZING, thanks!!!!

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