On Collars and Collaring LB099

This week we’re talking about collars and collaring ceremonies. We don’t tell you whether you should have a collar or not, or what type to get. Like everything else we do in kink and BDSM, collars and how people feeling about them exist on a spectrum.

In this episode:

  • Our giveaway winner is Rye or @CollaredMom (on Twitter)!
  • There are multiple different types of collars. 
  • Not everyone cares about wearing collars or being collared.
  • Those who do consider them extremely important.
  • Collaring ceremonies can be as important and meaningful as a wedding.
  • Collars and collarings are unique to the people involved and can be anything you want them to be.

Links from the show:

6 Different Types of BDSM Collars (blog post)

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4 Responses

  1. Morgan says:

    Traditionally hand fastening was done in the celtic culture prior to a wedding usually a year before because officiants were not readily available. The couple was then able to live together as a “married” couple but at any point either can leave the relationship without fear of retribution by the community or the clan/family

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