Coasting in Your D/s Relationship LB097

In episode 97, we bare our souls a bit to share how we started coasting along in our D/s relationship only to find we’d coasted in separate directions. We caught it in time, but not everyone does. Hopefully, our struggles with not paying enough attention will help someone else help your own D/s relationship.

In this episode:

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  • We coasted through our relationship for several weeks and drifted apart on a D/s level.
  • Both of us had things on our mind but neither talked about it.
  • We were both dissatisfied with what we were doing and not doing – and neither of us talked about it.
  • Nothing major happened, we just let things ride because it seemed easier or because we were worried about stressing the other one out.
  • The fix has been being more mindful of how we behave plus long conversations, plans for changes, and time to implement them.

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7 Responses

  1. toraprincess says:

    this did help – 🙂

  2. Pixie says:

    Guys , this one was brill! So well thought out and touching, felt like we got 100{41b2ccad9c9615e377be815ad205595d71b5b6a7a02ca926ea5182d1112aa551} of you! Was a sort of therapy spanking for me, after a really long hard week, Without asking the Boss man or babe! He said to say a big thank you for taking care of his girl!

    Pixie x x x x

    Ps – Wood dude , babe sked was kayla pouting at some points in this podcast?

  3. WhisperSweet says:

    Great episode, and so well timed, for us. So many of the things you mentioned set off alarms in my head. I’d been super busy at work the past couple weeks, the week before that, we’d been on a trip with my kids and my parents, and a week before that, I’d broken my toe. All that put together added up to Sir taking it easy on me, and things just getting less and less *right*. Once I thought it through, and we talked it out, we got things put back in order. And he was only too happy to straighten me back out! ???? Thanks!

  1. October 12, 2017

    […] listened to this podcast from Loving BDSM:  Coasting in Your D/s Relationship and realized Kayla and John Brownstone were describing exactly what Sayyid and I were experienced […]

  2. October 12, 2017

    […] listened to this podcast from Loving BDSM: Coasting in your D/s relationship  and realized Kayla and John Brownstone were describing exactly what Sayyid and I had experienced […]

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