Cock Rings LB092

We’re out of town this week but through a bit of time travel, we have a brief episode on cock rings.

In this episode:

  • Join 30 Days of D/s for free!
  • This week’s episode inspired by a topic from Molly Moore’s Kink of the Week
  • Cock rings are used in and out of D/s relationships
  • They’re also good for plain old kinky fuckery
  • Cock rings can prolong orgasm and make a penis harder.
  • Contrary to what some people believe (even us until we learned better) cock rings aren’t a “submissive” thing – although they are used in power exchange fuckery
  • Cock rings can be sexy and fun and make sex better
  • John Brownstone’s favorite is the Tyler by Svakom
  • No bonus episode this week but we’ll be back next week!

Links from the show:

30 Days of D/s – Free!

30 Days of D/s Workbook (alternative to email program)

Putting a (Cock) Ring on It (blog post)

Kink of the Week: Cockrings

Our review of the Tyler by Svakom (blog post)

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  1. maryann says:

    bare handed no i prefer a riding crop

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