Eroticon Follow-Up and a Big Announcement LB078

Kayla Lords and John Brownstone are together for episode 78 but (of course) Kayla does most of the talking in this one as she discusses doing the things that terrify her aka going to Eroticon and meeting new people.

In this episode:

  • Heading to London was a bigger deal to my mental health than I wanted to admit until I was on my way.
  • My anxiety was at an all time high. 
  • I cried in the airport and had a small panic attack on an airplane.
  • I got lost in London – sort of.
  • Two Americans had to go to London to find each other.
  • I sat in amazing sessions and talked to brilliant people.
  • I didn’t take good care of myself at first – not eating, not sleeping, and definitely not getting enough coffee.
  • After I did the thing I was terrified to do, and it makes other things feel much more possible as a result.
  • Even better, the new goal is for John Brownstone to go with me next year!
  • We’re taking a 4-6 week hiatus to build a new home for the podcast.
  • It’ll be a brand new website just for the show so we can include more resources and information for people who want it.
  • We’re also going to add space for forums, chats, and more video so that people who want to connect outside of the show will have a place to do that.
  • It’s scary to go away for a few weeks, but it’s also needed. We’re on the edge of burn out.
  • The postcard project continues even though we didn’t get any this week.
  • Keeping sending them! We’ll do a big shout-out on the first show.
  • And if when you receive one from us, feel free to tag us online or let us know what you think.
  • I could not have gone to London and we could not do the show without the support of everyone who listens, reads, and messages us. We love you all!

Postcard address: PO Box 391, Crystal Beach, FL 34681

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