Kayla Lords is by herself in episode 74. This week’s topic is a bit personal and multi-layered – which is kind of the point.

In this episode:

  • I’ve got a new book out! Sir and Babygirl: Forever Bound is the last in the series. Haven’t read the first book yet? No worries, that one is free.
  • John Brownstone had a bad cold and although that seems better, he now has a bad cough. Not great for talking into a microphone.
  • A lot has been going on while he’s been sick – some mundane, some larger than life.
  • A few times, I didn’t react in what I would consider a “submissive” way.
  • And at least once, I reframed the way I felt about something to feel more submissive.
  • The point of this episode is that we’re all multilayered people and we won’t always react to things the way we think we should as kinksters.
  • And that’s normal.

Links from the show:

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