Low Energy and Lack of Motivation in Your D/s Relationship LB070

Kayla Lords and John Brownstone talk about feeling low energy and no motivation and how it can impact their D/s relationship in episode 70 of Loving BDSM podcast.

In this episode:

  • John Brownstone’s having a sale on his (very vanilla) Etsy shop!
  • We haven’t been motivated to do anything this week (the first week of the year and back from vacation) – not even much kinky fuckery.
  • Lack of motivation is normal.
  • Go too long not feeling like doing your normal routine – especially the D/s – and you’ll start to really notice it.
  • Sometimes submissives really don’t want to do a task. We usually do it, but it helps to feel motivated and excited.
  • Strong rules and discipline can help. Knowing there are consequences usually keeps me going.
  • Even Dominants can not want to do their normal thing like make decisions or deal with problems.
  • Talk about it when it happens.
  • Find ways to recharge and do things that help you relax.
  • We got postcards!

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Links from the show:

The Wood Dom on Etsy – Use code HAPPYNEWYEAR thru 1/21/17 to save 25 percent

3 Ways to Motivate Yourself in Your D/s Relationship

The Dildorks

Postcard Shout-outs: @SapphiresonFire and The Life of Elliott

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