Our Favorite Sex Toys: 2016 Edition LB065

Kayla Lords and John Brownstone discuss the toys that added to their kinky fuckery in 2016 (so far!).

In this episode:

  • Check out the Holiday Gift Guides from Unbound Box – one for kinky fuckery and one for masturbation!
  • We started this list last year (episode 17). Not every toy we try makes our list – only the ones that created a lasting memory and that we personally recommend for fun and kinky fuckery.
  • In no particular order, here are our favorite toys we tried this year – so far. More toys are still being reviewed, but our new faves will have to wait until next year’s list.
    • Lava 3 in 1 by Intimate Melody – slow burn, slowly building orgasms
    • Bravolink Silicone Vibrator (rebranded as Lyps) – an inexpensive rabbit that felt really good (better than the high end one I’d tried a week before)
    • The Butters – lube!
    • Miss on the Go – a kegel exerciser that’s controlled by an app and lets you play with others
    • HUM vibrator – a “smart” vibe
    • Unbound – as a service, not the box we got – we like their return policy and love the amount of selection on their website
    • Tyler by Svakom – cock ring – sooooo good
    • Keri by Svakom – a clitoral vibrator – I’ve even shared this one with a friend
    • The Ruby Glow – hands-free orgasms
  • Full disclosure: we are an affiliate of some but not all of these products. If we’re an affiliate of a product it means we make a small commission if you use our link and make a purchase. We only become affiliate members of products or companies we really like.

Links from the Show:

A Few of Our Favorite Toys (episode 17)

Lava 3 in 1 Review • Purchase Link

Bravolink Silicone Vibrator ReviewPurchase Link

The Butters Review • Purchase Link (use coupon “kayla” to save 5 percent)

Miss on the Go Review • Purchase Link

HUM Review • Purchase Link (use code kaylalords to save 10 percent)

Unbound Box Review • Masturbation Gift Guide • Kinky Gift Guide

Tyler Review • Purchase Link

Keri Review • Purchase Link

The Ruby Glow Review • Purchase Link

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