Understanding D/s Contracts LB064

Kayla Lords and John Brownstone are together again for episode 64 of Loving BDSM. This week, they’re discussing D/s contracts.

In this episode:

  • The latest video is available through Patreon or membership to KaylaLords.com! This month we focused on punching.
  • What is a contract?
  • A D/s contract isn’t required in a D/s relationship.
  • A lot of submissives wonder if they should have them. They send emails saying their Dominant partners don’t want one.
  • Having a contract requires negotiation and what goes into the contract requires negotiation.
  • Don’t expect your contract to hold up in a court of law, but be careful what you put in it – just in case.
  • A contract can be as simple as a written list of everything you both agree to or it can be as elaborate as you want it to be.
  • Think about the reasons why you want a D/s contract. Thinking you’re “supposed” to have one isn’t usually enough of a reason.
  • If your partner resists the idea of a contract, hear them out and then decide if that’s a reason you can live with.
  • This isn’t a time when a Dom saying, “Because I said so” is good enough. There should be a reason given.

Links from the Show:

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No Constitutional Right to BDSM Sex (Washington Post)

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BDSM Contracts (BDSMcontracts.org) (Updated 11/24/19 — use code LovingBDSM and save 20 percent)

BDSM Contracts: When the Law Doesn’t Protect You, Protect Yourself (NCSF Blog)

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