Myths Submissives Believe About Themselves

In episode 60, Kayla Lords discusses the myths and lies submissives believe about themselves, especially after a break-up.

In this episode:

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  • John Brownstone had to take a week off to work with his wood. Ha!
  • This week’s topic comes straight from the multiple messages and emails submissives send me when their heart is broken.
  • I empathize completely with their feelings because I remember feeling the same way. Unfortunately, most of it isn’t true.
  • The lies and myths submissives believe about themselves include:
    • Being too much.
    • Being too needy.
    • Not enough.
    • Maybe I’m not cut out for this.
    • Maybe I’m unloveable.
    • I’m a bother.
    • I ask too much.
  • Submissives assume the blame when a relationship fails, telling themselves if they’d been a better submissive, it could have lasted.
  • In reality, it’s often no one’s fault, and more likely you and your partner weren’t compatible. Or you found a bad one and it’s a good thing they’re gone. (Yes, it’s hard to believe this when your heart is broken.)
  • Many submissives will do “anything” to get the relationship back instead of allowing themselves to heal and move on.
  • The grieving process takes as long as it takes. Don’t try to rush it or feel bad if you think it’s taking “too long.”
  • Don’t try to be something you’re not to hold onto a relationship.
  • Drink wine, eat too much, do whatever you need to do to grieve, but then pick yourself back up. You can do it.
  • Let the failed relationships go and learn from your mistakes – it’s the only way to find the right partner.
  • If you keep going through the same heartbreak over and over again, make sure you’re not choosing the same type of partner every time. Remember, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.
  • You are not broken, too much, or not enough. And yes, you deserve a lasting, loving D/s relationship.

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