How to Hold Your Dominant Accountable

Kayla Lords and John Brownstone host episode 57 and tackle a topic that doesn’t get much attention – how exactly does a submissive hold their Dominant accountable for their bad behavior?

In this episode:

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  • My harsh feelings, “If your Dom won’t do what they say they will, you may need to walk away.” Yes, that’s much easier said than done.
  • Submissives have to communicate with their Doms in to hold them accountable.
  • A Dominant should be willing to listen and take in what their submissive tells them.
  • The Dominant who refuses to listen, change, or care is a problem and a potential danger to their submissive.
  • Beware of a Dominant with a strong sense of entitlement with little sense of responsibility
  • There is a difference between pushing boundaries and being out of control
  • Accountability comes down to communication and integrity
  • If you need help communicating and accountability, a counselor or mediator may help.
  • A good Dominant holds themselves more accountable than anyone else. They are very hard on themselves, especially when they make mistakes.
  • Mistakes happen. A Dominant who accepts that and works to correct the problems is behaving the way they should. The Dominant who refuses to admit to their mistakes isn’t holding themselves accountable.
  • Bonus section! John Brownstone semi-rants but definitely speaks from the heart. I, however, tell weird factoids about our sex life you never wants to know.

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