Why Submissives are a Reflection of Their Dominant LB050

John Brownstone joins Kayla Lords in episode 50 to discuss a popular idea in most local kink communities – a submissive’s behavior is a reflection of their Dominant.

In this episode:

  • The Loving BDSM One Year Giveaway is next week! Prizes will be from My Nawashi, Twisted Skrewz, Cane-iac, and both of us.
  • The idea of submissives being a reflection of their Dominant didn’t sit well with me when I first heard it but after a little time spent in my local community, I understand it and agree with it.
  • Bad behavior from a submissive is thought to be a lack of control or discipline by a Dominant.
  • Certain behavior that’s okay in private isn’t always okay in public – even when you’re with other kinksters.
  • When in doubt, be respectful and ask what the protocol is, if you’re unsure how to behave.
  • When a submissive is well-behaved, both of you earn respect in your local lifestyle.
  • Respect is important for building trust with other kinksters and being known (in a good way) within your local community.
  • As a submissive, I want to behave in public for two reasons: 1) I don’t want to get in trouble and 2) I don’t want anyone to think less of John Brownstone for my actions.

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