The Responsibilities of a Dominant and a Submissive LB044

John Brownstone joins Kayla Lords for episode 44 where they discuss the different types of responsibilities a Dominant and a submissive can have in a relationship.

In this episode:

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  • Responsibilities to your relationship aren’t a kink thing, they’re a people thing.
  • Some responsibilities are definitely D/s, though.
  • John Brownstone discusses his responsibilities in our relationship.
  • Protection
  • Helping me.
  • Taking care of me when I’m sick.
  • Financial responsibilities
  • Helping me achieve my personal and professional goals.
  • Taking care of his “toy”
  • My responsibilities as a submissive are just as important.
  • Making sure my tasks are completed.
  • Making sure I keep myself healthy and whole – which at this point means I’ll be meeting with a therapist to deal with some of the mental gunk that’s been weighing me down.
  • Communicating my needs and when something is wrong.
  • Our biggest responsibility is to each other – to take care of the other in the best way we can.
  • Those responsibilities are no less important when life gets stressful and hectic.
  • In the crazy moments life throws you, sometimes your D/s relationship and sense of responsibility is the only moment of calm you have. Cling to it like a life preserver.
  • Sometimes that responsibility is too much, and one or both of you won’t be able to maintain it. There is no right answer.

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  1. October 24, 2018

    […] Both Dominant and submissive have responsibilities in your D/s relationship. Even if you’re in a relationship where one person only does what the other person says and/or the micromanagement is high, it only works when both of you do your part. Not everyone is as reliable as we’d like them to be, even when we love them a lot. […]

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