Disconnecting and Reconnecting…and an Announcement LB036

Kayla Lords and John Brownstone come together for another episode together. They keep it short and sweet and discuss a big moment in their lives that created a disconnect and then a reconnect.

In this episode:

  • A huge announcement. Big. Major. There is plenty of squealing…or threatening to squeal.
  • Before getting to the good part, we had to go through hell with each other.
  • Tears, lack of communication – and all of it brought on by trying not to communicate, even in an innocent way.
  • When Dominants get stuck in their head and their own negative thoughts or self-doubts, submissives have a responsibility to go get them – respectfully, of course.
  • Being in tune with your partner, which comes through constant communication, helps you recognize when things are off so you can help each other get back on course.
  • Wait until the very end and you’ll find out why we’ll never forget our special day.

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