What’s the Difference Between a Daddy and a Sir? LB032

John Brownstone and Kayla Lords team up again in episode 32. This week’s episode takes on a question from a listener: what is the difference between a Daddy and a Sir?

In this episode:

  • Kayla announces her next book release: Kinky Love Notes is now available for pre-order and releases on April 14!
  • John Brownstone discusses the early beginnings of Dominance and submission: Victorian era, Old Guard, and Gorean.
  • Old Guard is known for being hierarchical. Leather families may be what most people are familiar with. Old Guard stems from WWII era.
  • Victorian is known for being formal and “proper.” High protocol events and dinners are based on this time frame.
  • Gorean is based on The Gor series by John Normal, a science-fiction/fantasy series of novels published in the 1960s. Many Master/slave relationships are built around the Gorean principles.
  • Some people may think Marquis de Sade and his writings were a precursor to D/s but de Sade is best known for sadism and masochism, which doesn’t have to be a part of D/s.
  • The Daddy Dom is a gentler, more nurturing type of Dominant.
  • The more “typical” Sir is often stricter than a Daddy.
  • Both want their submissive to grow and achieve their goals and dreams. The methods these types of Dominants use may differ.
  • It is possible to acknowledge a nurturing side of your Dominance without using the term “Daddy.”
  • It is also possible to acknowledge a giggly, silly side of your submission without calling yourself “babygirl” or a “little.”
  • Kayla recounts the first time she called John Brownstone “Daddy.”
  • John Brownstone has a clear Daddy side and a clear Dominant side. Often, the two sides co-mingle.
  • The decision of whether to be a Daddy or not is personal. There is no right answer.
  • Ultimately, forget the labels and formulate the relationship that is right for you and your partner.

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Kinky Love Notes: Amazon ♥ Smashwords

The Gor series by John Norman

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8 Responses

  1. Shauna Marie says:

    Kayla…. OMG it took me forever to figure out why I couldnt find John NormaL… its NormaN. LOL dont you just hate those typos. Loved John’s history lesson immensely.

  2. Master Dalroth says:

    very valid points made

  3. MamaCori says:

    So. I’m totally like geeking out on y’alls podcast. Just the wealth of knowledge & this lifestyle is definitely ever evolving….you never stop learning.

  4. Daniel says:

    Love y’alls stuff – all of it. Your dynamic is great, and the content is very helpful.

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