What Negotiations Can Sound Like LB014

Kayla Lords and John Brownstone are together for episode 14 and doing something a little different. In an unscripted episode, listeners can hear what negotiating changes can sound like in one D/s couple. They’ve never let anyone in on this part of their dynamic before…until now.

In this episode:

  • Kayla asked John Brownstone for help in dealing with her weight loss. After several weeks of assessment, waiting, and fearing the worst (basically, a two week mindfuck – although a very mild one), the changes to be implemented are ready to be discussed.
  • The first recording was eaten by the internet and had to be redone. This is probably a good thing because the first edition was filled with whining. Lots of it. The second recording brought up questions Kayla hadn’t thought of the first time.
  • John Brownstone and Kayla both gained weight over the year they spent taking care of John’s sister. He lost weight after a month on a (forced) liquid diet and wants to keep it off. Some of the changes will help them both.
  • Kayla can’t wear any of her clothing and has gained 30 pounds in a year. The weight gain has affected her health. In her own words, she feels like a “busted can of biscuits.”
  • John Brownstone assessed her current diet for two weeks using the My Fitness Pal app and her daily movements and activity using an app called Pacer.
  • The changes to be implemented: less starches, more fresh vegetables, fewer desserts, none of the specialty coffees that Kayla loves so much, and definitely no sweet tea. Keep drinking plenty of water, unsweet tea is okay, and fresh fruit for dessert is almost unlimited.
  • Activity is another issue to address: two 15 minute work breaks each day to be filled with movement and walking. They will do Tai Chi together in the mornings. Keep up current strength training routine. Movement happens even on rainy days. Long walks on the weekend.
  • Progress will be noted in weight and/or inches lost and the fit of Kayla’s clothes.
  • Not following the rules will result in corner time – which Kayla loathes.
  • A special request – a free Venti Frappacino from Starbucks (a rare treat for Kayla) is not allowed. The size known as “tall” which is very small is allowed. Much whining and griping followed this revelation. A threat of no treat was made. Whining became almost non-existent.

The episode was an experiment. Listeners are encouraged to comment or email with feedback. If you liked this and it helps, say so. If you hated it and it didn’t help at all, share that, too. There are no plans to share every negotiation but feedback is always appreciated. Contact Kayla or John.

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