Sex and Kink in a D/s Relationship LB010

John Brownstone and Kayla Lords are together again. This week the topic is sex and kinky fuckery in a D/s relationship. The episode is a question and answer format with plenty of talk about cocks, nipples, being sexually available, and plenty of what you might expect a kinky couple to say about their sex life. There’s plenty you might not expect either.

From this episode:

  • His favorite part of sex as a Dominant – the creativity
  • Her favorite part of sex as a submissive – the power and control she gives him
  • Going from not wanting sex at all to fucking like rabbits. Kayla wants to know – how does a Dominant go from 0 to 60?
  • Kayla might always be sexually available to her Dominant, but she’s not turned on 100 percent of the time, either.
  • Being sexually available in a D/s relationship requires trust and communication. John Brownstone points out that it requires a sense of responsibility as a Dominant. “You don’t want to break your toys.”
  • Tumblr porn can help share what you like and what turns you on.
  • A kinky scene in the club probably won’t end in sex, but it may be a very sexual experience. For Kayla, it’s almost always an erotic moment. Except for this one time…
  • John Brownstone doesn’t get turned on just because he’s in his Dom mode. The Dom Voice doesn’t equal an automatic hard-on. What he feels in that moment is all mental, but still a little erotic.
  • Everyone has different turn-ons, kinks, or fetishes. John Brownstone is turned on by boots – one of his fetishes. Kayla is turned on by spankings, hair-pulling, face-smacking, and above all, power.
  • General hilarity ensues throughout this episode. The mention of cock, twitching cock, and cocky is so rampant, it could make a good drinking game.

In the editing process, John Brownstone added a very special surprise near the end. October 30 (the day this episode was released) is Kayla’s birthday!

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2 Responses

  1. Elbs says:

    I think you’re misunderstanding what demisexual means. It doesn’t mean being unwilling to have sex without a connection, but actually not feeling sexual attraction. A demisexual person doesn’t ever find strangers hot. It’s not about what you choose, but how you feel. Sapiosexual, too – a sapiosexual doesn’t just find smarts a turn on, they literally can’t feel attracted to someone if they don’t know how smart that person is.

    • Kayla Lords says:

      I see what you’re saying, but I also believe our sexuality exists on a spectrum. What I interpret these things to mean is that regardless of whether they’re objectively attractive or not, I am unable to feel sexual desire OR a willingness to have sex with them until I have a connection and if I believe they are intelligent which is an extremely subjective thing because there are so many ways to be intelligent, so I should say “intelligent to me.” Did I express this view very well 90+ episodes ago? Possibly not. My own understanding of my sexuality has evolved since then, and I may have been awkward or misspoken in my views on the topic. But I now consider myself to be a demisexual and sapiosexual based on how I connect with people, and how I feel sexual desire. Other people, at the other end of those spectrums, may be more set in their demisexuality/sapiosexuality and not even see someone’s objective attractiveness. I think there’s room for all of us in the spectrum.

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