LB005: Submissives Ask if Communication Issues are OK

This week’s episode, hosted by Kayla Lords, addresses some common questions she receives from submissives about communication with their Dominants. Basically, submissives want to know if certain behaviors are normal or okay. Kayla’s answer? It depends.

There’s no one right answer when you wonder if being ignored, forgotten, or avoided is “normal” or “OK.” Quite frankly, if there’s no explanation for it, the answer is probably, “No, that’s not okay.” In this week’s episode, Kayla shares a few tips and reminders for submissives to help them figure it out for themselves.

From this episode:

  • John Brownstone is sick this week (sad face) but you can always stalk him: Southern Sirs Place
  • Kayla gets a lot of questions from submissives. Many of them ask the same question: Is this okay or normal?
  • When in doubt, listen to your intuition.
  • Remember, there are three sides to every situation: yours, theirs, and the truth which usually falls in the middle.
  • Most questions are about communication – being ignored or going too long without responses from a Dominant partner.
  • Questions to ask yourself when your Dominant doesn’t respond to you: Are they stressed, sick, or are there miles between you?
  • Are you simply being impatient or ignoring what your Dominant has said about when and how they’ll communicate?
  • Pro Tip: Never assume your Dominant can read your mind. No one can. You have to communicate.
  • When in doubt, talk it out.
  • Try to figure out what’s causing the problem – or if there is a problem. Then you need to decide what you’re willing to handle or live with.
  • Just because you aren’t a good fit with your Dominant doesn’t make them a bad Dominant or you a bad submissive.
  • Always feel free to contact Kayla (or John Brownstone) with questions. We will answer you.

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