When You’re Easing Your Way Back Into the BDSM and D/s Lifestyle

3 things to remember as you ease your way back into BDSM and D/s

When you’re away from anything for a long time it can be a little overwhelming to ease back into it. The same is true with D/s relationships, too. Maybe you’ve explored kink on your own but not with a partner. Maybe you backed away from the BDSM lifestyle completely because it was too much, too…

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We Want to Give You What You Want! So Please Take Our Survey…

tell me what you want what you really really want

Image via Giphy Because we’re kinky like that. Rawr! In order to do that, we need to know what you want. We, of course, have our perspective on BDSM, D/s relationships, and kinky fuckery. We also have our own comfort level for what we share – not just about our personal lives but also the…

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There’s More Than One Way to Be a Dominant LB111

episode discussing being the dominant you are instead of the one you think you should be

In episode 111, we’re showing Dominants a bit of love and attention. After so many messages and questions from big Ds who worry they might not “really” be dominant, we thought it was time to clear things up. Just like there are different types of submissives, there are different types of Dominants. In this episode:…

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What Kind of Dominant Do You Want to Be?

alternative dominant styles in D/s relationships

Like every other part of BDSM and D/s, what and who you choose to be as a Dominant is completely up to you. It’s dependent upon a lot of factors but primarily your own personality, desires, wants, and needs…and that of your submissive. You won’t necessarily be the exact same kind of Dominant with one…

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Top 100 Sex Blogs of 2017

blogging cat

Image via Giphy I feel a little strange posting this because it feels a lot like blowing my own horn (and I guess I am, and I’m definitely proud of myself) buuuuut that’s not the only reason. Every year, lists come out naming top sex bloggers from all over the world. They’re long and filled…

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