Having an Attitude of Gratitude in Your D/s Relationship LB108

having an attitude of gratitude in D/s relationships

Thanksgiving is just under a week away, and we’ve personally got a lot to be thankful for – our audience, our friends and family, and each other. Gratitude is necessary in every relationship – and yes, that includes D/s relationships. In this episode: Gratitude is necessary for any relationship. No one should feel taken for…

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How to Show Gratitude in Your D/s Relationship

show gratitude in your D/s relationship

Being kind to each other and showing gratitude to your partner isn’t a kink or vanilla thing, it’s a human one. But because our roles in D/s can be very clearly defined, we can fall into a trap of taking our partner for granted. That never leads anywhere good. Submissives and Dominants alike should show…

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Porn Review: Nikki Darling Super-Soaks James Darling (Episode 250)

CrashPadSeries Episode 250 review

Image via CrashPadSeries and used with their permission. Affiliate links are included in this review. If you use the link and make a purchase, you support Loving BDSM and help us maintain our coffee addiction.  I’ll be the first to admit that watching porn, even BDSM porn, isn’t something I do a lot of. Why?…

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Showing Kinky Love for #SOSS: Issue 1

share our shit saturday issue 1

In my mind “sex blogging” is something very specific – blogging about sex (duh, right?) but on a personal level or an extremely smutty one. I often think of it that way because it’s how I began my own blogging journey in 2012. John Brownstone did, too. We wrote about our own thoughts and feelings,…

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How to Walk Away from a D/s Relationship LB107

podcast episode when you walk away from a D/s relationship

This week we talk about how to handle the end of your D/s relationship when you’re the one choosing to walk away. We don’t spend a lot of time on the reasons why you might end a relationship but we do share our thoughts on different ways to handle and take care of yourself in…

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